Paweł Althamer I Contemporary artist

Paweł Althamer I Contemporary artist


Ilość stron160
Ilustracjebardzo liczne barwne ilustracje
RedakcjaAdam Szymczyk, Roman Kurzmeyer, Suzanne Cotter
Rodzaj okładkibroszura lakierowana
SeriaContemporary Artist
Stan zachowaniabardzo dobry
WymiaryH= 29 cm.

Wydanie albumowe.

English version.

Survey by Roman Kurzmeyer, Interview by Adam Szymczyk, Focus by Suzanne Cotter, writings by Pawel Althamer.

The surprising and visionary work of an artist who has redefined sculpture's relationship to life.

Pawel Althamer (b.1967) originally trained as a sculptor, but his work also bears the marks of relational art – social, collaborative, participatory art that is concerned less with producing objects than with composing human interactions. He is responsible for some of the most expansive artworks of the past decade -- expansive not in the traditional physical sense but in the social and experiential sense. Though he creates stunning sculptures of the human form much of his work consists of human interaction often placing the viewers own consciousness in the starring role..

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